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out with the old, in with the new

Saturday, December 31, 2005

So Christmas wasn't especially dazzling, but post-Christmas has not been shabby in the slightest.

** I went to Phx. yesterday to research/play with laptops, and will be trading-in my 4-yr. buddie for a new love.

However.. I strongly believe in "make new friends but keep the old" (ahha.. what a smooth jokester I am, pshah I know.. cheezy :P) ... so I do not plan to completely replace my old friend, but have it FIXED.

Miraculously I came upon a string of posts regarding my I-buddie A928. I thought it was a lost cause because I haven't heard of many people owning these machines. Turns out there is a miracle-man out there who happens to specialize in my problem. *Everyone* .. 4 years later .. is having the same exact problem with their i-buddie (thank God for the internet and forums): Meltdown of the power system and rebooting. . but like I said, this man is a miracle-worker who apparently doesn't charge that much... we'll see. I'm excited about the prospect of having two wonderful/unique laptops: desknote and a tablet. Good compliments to each other. :) . . yes yes I'm a techie nerd. . I've been out of the loop for a while since things were running fine, but it's the year for updating gadgets I guess.

Only.. the tablet I ordered is better than the standard (linked) because it will come with 80 GB and a Multiformat drive (DVD RW.. etc). And, if all turns out well (I have not physically seen it yet - despite what I saw in stores) I got it for a screaming deal.

** I got a new cell phone - FINALLY. It was long-overdue and when I saw the Samsung e635 at the mall, I knew it was the one for me. I've been wanting a nice push-up phone (I'm done with flip-phones) .. this one pretty much meets all of the demands (and more) that I have for a cell. I love how tiny it is and really fits right in my pocket!

** Neeew facial line of stuff. I'm all about using less makeup as I age and keeping a very natural look. I fell in love with Philosophy's "Purity" facial wash, and so I recently treated myself to a whole shabang of crap I probably don't need after a special "TV add" (they suckered me in).. but since the facial wash is awesome (and about the price alone of what they're asking for with the 1st month payment - $30.00).. I figured I might as well try out more of their products since I'll be needing to get the facewash again at a later date.. and again, a screaming deal if the products turn out to be worth keeping.

** Girls it's all about BareEscentuals. Pricyyy... but worth it. "Less is more" is their motto - I like that philosophy (and prob. one of the many reasons I have come to recently enjoy this product).
Besides their basic minerals... fun colors: True Gold and Purrfect.

** New clothes. . Bought some really sharp lookin' pants . . a few camis. .

Why do I feel like Oprah on her "favorite things" show. haha. oh well.

Happy New Year :) .. guess I don't believe in new resolutions, but I DO believe in new stuff. Just what I need . . more STUFF.