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Friday, February 05, 2010

I was going to attempt to bypass burnout tonight / tomorrow, but.. since it looks like that's not going to happen.. I am going to write a little something here instead.

3:10 am.

Seriously. Sometimes I wonder when I'll reform my nightowl ways. I keep thinking getting older is going to solve this... not yet. And getting older I am, very soon. ha.

Anyway. Yeah. Nothing is really typical about my days, these days, and downright crazy how busy they are.

- Wake at buttcrack of dawn (for a lack of better words at the moment), hall ass to a meeting I coordinated between an ad agency and my team to discuss getting some proposals all figured out before the end of the fiscal year.
- Hall as back to my primary office / working area. Meet with the graphic artist to ensure she's on track with the 6-10 different projects I sent her via email the night before.
- Answer a bazillion emails; coordinating ongoing meetings, looking ahead at looming deadlines and planning 'the dominoes' to those deadlines
- Research housing for my relocation
- Invite from leadership for upcoming review
- Overtime..again (why I even note this anymore I don't know)
- Gym, shower
- Research housing
- Catch up with the b/f when he's finally off work
- Clean house, big-time (dishes, laundry, room, bathroom, organizing 'things')
- Pay / sort bills
- Respond to people who are contacting me about housing
- Transfer data from one computer to an external harddrive to ensure my laptop can be replaced easily at work tomorrow and I don't lose personal things
- Recall that I'm about to get fired from freelancing gig and decide to make the requested edits, after weeks of delay
- And here I am.

- buttcrack early meeting with team
- lunch w/ a friend
- run to a different building for corporate project I'm working on
- run back to a different building to be on a conference call to discuss upcoming tradeshow
- somehow get a full-time job done between all of these meetings
- hopefully get off work at a reasonable time to get home and meetup with the b/f. Artwalk? Pizza? Helping me with my *new ipod* (!).. most likely.
- Need to continue housing research

- Determined to go snowboarding in the day (free!)..and determined to bring the b/f with me :D
- Meetup with friends who are coming from a different city for my birthday + local friends, dinner, go 'out'. Pretty excited if I'm not exhausted by this time. :)
- Need to continue housing research

so. all things said...

I think it's a pretty balanced life, minus sleep. I don't know where that fits in anymore.