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what I thought was a solution was a horrible plan

Monday, June 01, 2009

Gotta love how the media *talks* about the United States people needing to be in a new mind of "confidence" (which I completely agree, but that's kind of obvious), and yet focus on news about the economy that can only continue to foster hysteria.

so, yeah.

It's true that the country is not in a great place right now, but yeah, things aren't going to turnaround at all by not focusing on what *is* being done that's positive. Instead, there's enormous focus on everything that is failing, crashing, etc.

It's just comical, really. . and it just goes to underscore the reasons for the downfall (if I could wrap it all up into one word: greed), and why we are going to continue on this downward trend as far as the media is concerned. The troubling thing is, the people who are in control of what runs on the prime-time news are deeply aware of their impact on the economy and their influence they have on the general 'state of mind' of this country, and yet they continue to focus on doomsday stories because of their own reasons tied to greed (other agendas and also in the interest of their own higher ratings / viewership). Yepp.

One of the primary things that *has* to happen is changing people's mindset toward one of hope and optimism (and this is why Obama's campaign worked so well, because people desperately want this..). I feel like it's only then that people can begin to think creatively again, begin to take risks, feel empowered, etc. and that's exactly what we need to stimulate new job growth in this country. Anyway..yeah.. talking lofty because I don't want to get into it all too much here, but this just as an overview of thoughts I've been having here..