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in hindsight

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Funny because I just came across several in-depth tests that I took my senior year of college as they were required for one of my major courses. Looking at them now, I realize how much I should have appreciated them and the analysis they provided. I remember we spent an entire class taking these tests. Not only do I appreciate them because I realize how expensive it is to request these tests and have them processed (my company loves to offer these sort of self-development courses), but I also appreciate them because I see, now, how right on target they were. I remember stressing a lot when I was on the hunt for a job because I had already gone through one bad experience with an employer, and felt completely clueless about what 'field' I should be pursuing overall as a career. Now, more than ever, I feel like I'm honing in on an overall career field and understanding where my strengths, weaknesses, and interests lie.

Unfortunately, it seems like my 'coming to understand all of this' was much too complicated in hindsight. I guess I didn't realize how accurate the tests were or something? Or I hadn't investigated / pursued what these tests reflected I should look into since it wasn't something I was naturally exposed to as part of my degree or prior work experience? Not sure. Maybe this is an obvious and stupid statement, but I feel like the best way to discover what you should be doing is to just jump in and do it. There's no other way. There's no sense in rationalizing a job in your mind before you experience it, or how you would / wouldn't succeed at it, etc., until you actually try. This ties into another discussion I recently had with someone, who is looking for work. He sounded very frustrated, and I got frustrated in return because I can see that he's spending a lot of time with the thought of work and what to do, rather than just jumping in and testing out what he should be doing. He seems to think it's suddenly going to hit him over the head or just land in his lap, but it doesn't work like that. Instead he starts questioning everything and becoming disillusioned in general about what he should be doing in life. I know because I was once at that point. Not only was I disillusioned, but I was also very fearful because I had just come from a horrible work experience and didn't want to make "another mistake". Well, mistakes happen, there's no avoiding them, and they're critical to finally finding the *right* fit... so you just have to jump in.

I've always thought the job search is sooo strikingly similar to how I view the relationship/partner-search, haha, and I think all of the above just highlights that even better. It definitely reinforces my standpoint of where I've been with relationships and dating. I'm so happy for all of my prior experiences. I don't regret anything, and I know that I'm in a much better place today with understanding myself and understanding others as a result of first coming to the strong realization that I really have to let go of some fear and just "jump in" sometimes with my heart on my sleeve, also learned that it's not going to kill me if it doesn't workout, learned more, moved on, keep jumping in, until I find the right fit. :)

Anyway. Yeah.

The tests I took that I should have had a higher appreciation for at the time:

1 - Strong Interest Inventory Profile with College Profile (Adult)
2 - NEO Five-Factor Inventory
3 - Strong Interest
4 - Life Stressors and Social Resources Inventory (Adult)

The Strong test indicated my "top five interest areas" as being:
- Sales
- Politics & Public Speaking
- Finance & Investing
- Marketing & Advertising
- Counseling & Helping

I'd say my current job, though very stressful, is definitely a nice strong mix of all those interest areas!