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all I really want right are my clothes and my hair

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Perhaps I'll be regretting things tomorrow morning... (tomorrow being 4 hours from now, and the beginning of my work-day).. no.. I *definitely* will be regretting things tomorrow.

Nothing like a night where you can't sleep, then decide to look through the Victoria Secret catalogue that recently arrived in the mail, and proceed to go on a phone shopping spree with a sales rep who convinces me that I'm either a size small or extra-small in everything, and who also happens to be up with me at 3 am, coaching me on everything I "need" to go with the item I just agreed to--making me feel not so alone and normal at this time of hour. I know every sales tactic she's using on me, having been in sales myself, and can't help but be amused at how they must study the increase in my order size by her suggestions, thereby confirming their sales-method and formulas. I convince myself that I'm not actually buying into their sales tactics, but that in actuality these *are* all things I really do "need", or will buy later at some point. And that I am actually *saving* money when factoring in time, transportation, etc. (the excuses go on).

One "very sexy" bathing suit, two pairs of "best-seller" flip-flops, two summer dresses, and one 'rush order' later, I hung up the phone.

My regret will subside on Tuesday.

Ready for vacation.