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Monday, February 16, 2009

I'm so tired of hearing about the recession and what's being done to 'fix' it.

This world is coming to an end. Nostradamus and The Mayans were right... 2012... at the rate of 'brilliant' ideas that people are coming with to turn things around.. I could totally see 2012 as plausible.

Why don't we just take the trillian+ dollars and give it to all of the people who are in debt... who overspent and took out loans they couldn't afford to begin with.. so that they can start spending in the economy again.. they can start looking to banks for more loans....

because God knows that the people who are in debt to begin with, or people who are getting laid off (not necessarily because they overspent, but will certainly be owing money to someone when they can't afford to pay their bills) are not going to start pouring money into the economy to 'stimulate' anything... they are just going to be putting it into those things that are absolutely necessary (food, shelter..) and pocket anything 'extra' they have out of fear.

and don't worry about those who actually have money and lived within their means, because at the rate of all this crazy-amount-of-money-being-distributed inflation will certainly take its toll, making my hard-earned money less valuable....and making money in general worthless when everything goes belly-up. Not to mention how infuriated I am that a few people in government, congress, have decided that *I* am going to pay for everyone (government, people who overspend and didn't read contracts properly) via taxes... which we haven't even felt the effect of yet.. unless these taxes are the reasons all of the states are going bankrupt...... all of the good programs being cut (which I am feeling actually.. one of the city-programs I really look forward to every summer is now being cut)...


I know I'm talking in extremes here... but I'm kind of not too.. and I'm pissed. And I know this isn't saying *what* the solution is, because I don't know yet, I haven't thought it through, but I feel like there has got to be something better than what is currently being proposed and passed. The end.