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life is a highway

Friday, January 16, 2009

I was thinking today how it's kind of funny that I've always envisioned myself in a career where I would be this ultra-busy-power-player. I don't know the words for it, but responsible for a lot and working with top leadership.

Funny how that has come true. Sometimes I think it's insanity how busy I am (and everyone around me thinks so too) and how much is riding on me to complete what I say I'm going to do. Even though it's insanity, it's also a very gratifying job for me in a weird way. My new-found car really fits my work 'lifestyle' as well... such as having to go from meeting to meeting on different sides of town in 5 minutes.. no problem..just get on the highway, step on the gas, and I'm there in no time.

I can handle *a lot* when I put my mind to it ... this job takes everything I've got.

It's really amazing what I've accomplished up to this point and what I expect to accomplish. Things that I didn't imagine I'd be responsible for only a little time on the job. Every day it feels like I'm facing impending disasters... only to look back over the time that has *flewn* by and realize that everything has managed to work out. And my knowledge *now*.. wow... even *I* can notice a HUGE difference in the way I talk to people.. quickly.. understanding the ins-and-outs better.. it's amazing.. still not "comfortable", but definitely feeling like I'm contributing and that the training (which I never really had.. since I had to learn as I went-along, i.e., the most scary time) has definitely started to kick-in.

Not trying to blow sunshine up my ass, but it feels really good to look back on the time that has gone by and all that has been completed. It's pretty amazing, even to me (hard to impress). I don't even know where I'd begin on a resume to describe all that I'm responsible for and have contributed. I'm also really happy I decided to delay grad school as I'm learning *so much* on the job that I don't think grad school could ever teach me. If anything, I'll be really prepared when I go to grad school........... anyway.. yeah.. just reflecting on it all because it has been more 'crazy' than usual these days and I really feel like I'm actually able to handle it (incredibly enough) as a result of some of the rough learnings I've had on the job up until this point. It's also funny how the dynamics of things can change over time.. some people who I didn't get along with at all in the beginning are some of my best allies now... others who I thought were my best friends in the beginning I am more wary of .... strange what time can do.