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Saturday, January 03, 2009

So I took this test from a friend's blog.. ha... not sure why I doubted what my results would be considering I've taken this test over the course of several years now (psychology being the focus of my studies) and 9 times out of 10 times I get the same results..

INTJ! again....

I thought for sure it would be different this time around since the questions on this particular test are kind of black and white with no middle ground and I thought the outcome would be more 'extroverted' based upon how I was answering. But no, INTJ it is!.. and INTJ is so true for me.. so.. I guess it's fitting. Funny because I always get this result (though *sometimes* ENTJ) on so many tests immitating Myers Briggs.

Suddenly my job makes perfect sense and why it's a good fit (though very stressful).. it's alllll about "bringing ideas from conception to reality" with very real and critical deadlines that aren't going to wait for me if I @#%% up a step .. excuse my language, but that's how it feels. Stressful because it requires major time management and finding resources to make it happen (usually those resources are people; i.e., *the most* stressful because they're my largest variable)..and requires me to set many contingency plans for when the variables threaten to derail everything. Anywho. yeah. Too early to be thinking about work (two days until I have to return)... but it's just interesting where I'm at now considering my 'personality type'.

58% Introverted (I)
63% Intuition (N)
79% Thinking (T)
58% Judging (J)

And supposedly only 0.5% of the female populations are INTJ?... crazy.