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Friday, November 21, 2008

so here's a random thought... well I guess it's not so random because everytime I go to the gym I think this...... but it's still pretty random. :)

I'm convinced that the gym supplies tiny towels inside the locker room to a) motivate people to get in shape ..or worse... b) ostracize those who are out of shape.

So what happens is a bunch of overweight people walking around naked because the towels are clearly too tiny, and only less-than-12%-body-fat-people (could be less than that even) use towels.

haha. so random. Clearly judgmental on my part, but yeah, I can't help but notice.

I wonder if all gyms are like this or if it's only the one that I attend. hum.

Sometimes I feel like bringing it to the attention of the staff at the gym, but then I figure they'd think me some crazy person for pointing out such an "injustice".. .. if anything, I would think that the people who want towels are the ones who can't currently use them... okay, so I'm probably going to hell for that comment. Is it not fair to assume though? ANYWAY. I'm done.