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absinthe, part II

Friday, November 21, 2008

Looking back on that last post about absinthe and it made me laugh because I totalllyyy didn't expand on the part of me trying to get to the game (2 hours away), and how "everything that could go wrong did go wrong." Kind of a long story short, but I somehow lost my phone in the process of getting myself into the car.... knew I had to get some food in me because, as I mentioned, I hadn't eaten anything since like... well... maybe since the previous day around lunch?... but it had to be something fast... so I race over to McDonalds (knowing it was the worst option because I really needed to have a "good meal", but at least it was food); however, between ordering my food and driving up to the window to pay I realized that I didn't have my cell phone! Well this made me a bit frantic because there was no way I could drive so far, with so many unknowns (normally I carpool to the location and didn't really know how to get there otherwise) and not have my phone! ....... finally I got to the window to pay, and I asked for the manager standing at the drive-thru window to call my cell phone (he probably thought I was hitting on him / giving him my number :P) ... he calls...
I handed another lady at the window my credit card to pay..
no ring from my phone..
I get my credit card back with my receipt..
and then I SPED OFF.

I figured my phone was back at home somewhere and I had to get it *quickly*! Upon getting home I asked one of my roomies to call my phone.. couldn't find it at first, but we both could hear a faint ring... I FIND IT in a random location in the garage....

then I suddenly realized that I totally didn't get my food from McDonalds after paying! I just sped off like a maniac.

And when I realized that I didn't get my food.... that's when I gave up trying to get to the soccer games.

Talk about a crazy morning.

I still think to myself about going back to that McDonalds and claiming my food ... or a refund... and afterall, I could call the manager because I have his cell phone number. haha. But yeah. I quickly negate the idea every time. But it's still on my mind that I never received my darn food after paying. sigh. life.