Sullen v.5




Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tried it for the first time last night, and also for the last time.

It pretty much kicked me on my ass. Due to bad judgment (didn't eat dinner either before going out because time got away from me, whoops) and largely absinthe (I think)... I missed two very important soccer games today and I haven't got over it yet. I was soooo looking forward to playing today, but instead I totally awoke too late, missed the carpool, tried to get there on my own... but after everything going wrong that could go wrong.. I gave up trying to get there on my own... came back home, feeling defeated.. talked to my roommate.. she kindly gave me chicken noodle soup... two bites later and I couldn't keep it down (uh yeah, details nobody else probably wants to know).. wanted to get to church still, didn't happen.. had to go back to bed and rest my pounding head, had a dream that I was driving in a snowstorm and totalled my car... was worrying about insurance in my dream (haha.. I thought that was funny at least.. who thinks about insurance in a dream?? I guess cause I've been dealing with switching things up a lot with that lately..)... woke up totally RELIEVED it was just a dream...... went to lunch with my roommate, feeling 5000 times better... then went on a shopping spree... then met up with the 'rents for a yummy bbq... then home. I guess the day got better after going to bed again, but man, I'm still so bummed I didn't make it to the games today!!

I will never again try absinthe. It was better off staying illegal in the US! I looked it up later today and didn't realize *how much* alcohol was in that little drink. Just not smart to do on an empty stomach. ugh. Never, never again.

so.. just needed to vent.. and maybe warn others..