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Sunday, October 26, 2008

looking at random blogs, and I came across this post which I really liked..

I'm feeling a bit apathetic about this upcoming election... and still not sure who to vote for.. although I took a silly quiz that told me I should vote for McCain... but the above post speaks so well to how I feel in general. It's true people should go with their best judgment, but in the end I feel it's a bit ridiculous to worry about who is elected. In the past I've always felt strongly about voicing my opinion in regard to who should be elected, but for the first time I'm really not feeling that motivated to voice my opinion and I don't even really feel a strong pull to either candidate.. but it's weird because there are *a lot* of people who are fanatical about it around me... especially for Obama. Maybe it's just the city I live in, but I feel people are really upfront and argumentative about the candidates and it just turns me off.. anyway. whatever. I don't live in a swing state so it doesn't really matter, does it. :) That's the other thing I think is so silly.. unless you're in a 'swing state' why vote? That's how I feel. Oh well.