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a little update

Friday, September 19, 2008

Guess I should do an update based upon that last post......

long story short, everything is fine. For now. They rescheduled the meeting, *yet again*, but this time I'm not concerned because I was told what the meeting was going to be about. My annual review. Not a problem. I can handle that. Unfortunately they couldn't be gathering feedback at a worse time since I feel like half of my larger team is upset at me due to projects not moving through the queue as quickly as they'd like to see. Again, I'm probably being too hard on myself, but these past two weeks have been pretty rough as far as the demands from my team. I feel like they've had it 'nice' because my workload was semi-reasonable and I could push projects through quicker, but as my workload becomes quadrupled (as expected with upcoming launches of new devices I'm working on) it becomes that much more difficult to keep up. I definitely thrive on stress. Kind of bad, but I guess I'm in the right career for now, because there is a heck of a lot of stress and I know my position has got to me one of the most demanding since my counterparts (people who do similar commitments to what I do) are often bringing their laptops home and working long long hours. We all had a meeting today and I noticed how we all looked completely 'frazzled' / worn out. I always seem to find myself in these types of jobs..... but none have been quite as demanding as the one I'm currently in. As much as it's ridiculous, I actually don't mind it because it's all for a much-needed purpose. My last job - as a director - I worked long hours, but I could have got the same amount of work done in 8 hours when they made me stay for 10. At my current job... 10+ is needed. I could gripe, but I'm really thankful for the opportunity. I work among all of the top leadership in the company and I know I'm in a high profile job with a lot of visibility... so there will be other good opportunities.

So. Yeah. That's my 'long story short'. :) I'm going to have to put on my thick skin for my annual review, but I honestly have been doing the best I can and I know I haven't made any major bad decisions. I'm learning *every day*, *so much* (also why I like my job) and I feel like it would be hard for someone to 'perfect' the type of job I'm in, but I'm up for the challenge. I know some of the people who have been doing it for 10+ years still have difficulty, so it's to be expected and all I can ask is that they give me a chance to continue learning and improving if I'm not making major mistakes. I always think it's *crazy* how much I'm responsible for and it's a little unnerving because I like to do everything *really well* or don't do it at all.... and I'd say I'm operating at the 'well' level since there is *so much* to handle. Anyway. ...... been in different sorts of training this week. Did a day trip to Phx to look at some major printers that work for us, and that was quite an eye opening experience. It's amazing how much information goes in and out of there.. and the massive machines they use to get it all done! And this Sunday I'll be going to Vegas for a large tradeshow. I'm really anxious to see the tradeshow because a lot of what I do revolves on getting everything ready for the show, but I haven't actually *went* to one yet. If I had a gripe, my biggest one would be that we do all of this work and sometimes we don't get the satisfaction of seeing how it's all pulled together in an actual show... well.. this upcoming week I finally will.