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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I don't like when people plan on something.. or tell me they're going to do something.. and don't do it.

It drives me crazy because if I commit to doing something, I'll freaking do it.

This is what I love about my job. This whole philosophy is built into our culture. Everyone makes their own commitments.. and then they better dam* well keep those commitments or get fired. They don't over-commit because that's the worst thing they could do for their team. If they're over-committed it hurts everyone. If someone tells me they'll do something, it freaking gets done. This is why my job makes me a workaholic, because I'm a bit over-committed, but so is everyone else, so I'm willing to put in the extra time to make it work because they're willing to do the same.

I'm especially pissed about this tonight because I bargained with my housemate to help clean a bathroom..... a cleaned 95% of it and asked her to do 5% of the work (bathtub)... I asked by *Sunday*... it's now Tuesday and I know that bathtub is not done. It's pissing me off because she said Sunday it would be done and I don't want to have to *ask* for her to do it. I did my part.. now you do yours!

Haha. Totally calling out my roommate in a blog post. Like she's going to read this. Lame. Goodnight.