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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Random late-night thought.

I like to think of myself as a pretty spontaneous person, but lately I feel very much the opposite of that. Why?... because I end up being a big-time planner and don't like to change those plans unless I'm given a *really* good reason. Why I bring this up now is because I get invited to these weddings and such where people just expect me to show up with one and a half month's notice (if even that). That may sound like plenty of time to people, but I'm usually scheduling 'life' like two to three months (at least) in advance now. Yeah that sounds weird, and I'm not trying to be arrogant about my time here, but I really do have a lot going on and tend to book weekends quickly. So this becomes especially annoying when I meet a nice guy and he thinks it's okay to try and make plans with me the day before and God-forbid the same day. I don't mind this so much if it's just a random guy-friend, but not a guy who is trying to setup a date. I will pass on that in a flash, even if I do like the guy. I was thinking for a little while that I was self-sabotaging dates with guys, but now I realize that it wasn't out of any fear, but out of alternative-plan-making when not given enough advance notice about 'the plan' on the guy's end. Anyway.. yeah.. some guys are really good about planning ahead of time (they're the keepers) and others aren't.. and eventually we just keep missing each other.. and eventually it's just not going to workout. I'm learning *a lot* about what I look for lately, and that's one of them. Advance notice please.. at least initially when trying to get to know me. Typically I'm not gonna go out of my way to date someone I barely know, so the least that person can do to convince me to setup a serious time is to give me three days advance notice. I'm ranting about this because some would look at what I do as self-sabotage, but I'm realizing now it's just about needing/wanting the right kind of notice. I think this is a good piece of 'dating advice' to any guy who is trying to pursue a girl he's genuinely interested in. Give her at least 2-3 days notice... until you've got to know each other better, *then* it makes sense that things are a little less informal. *shrug* And maybe that's just the thing too, I'm a bit more formal. So. That's a check on the list for my type of guy--formal upfront. I don't care if people think I'm sabotaging all other requests that come up too late... they're right.. I am.. because that's not my type. :)

Haha. Rant over. That was wayyyy more than a 'thought',

Vegas tomorrow until Sunday. Excited.

Really nice to have time off from work. Yayyy. Coming back to work next Monday will be harddd.