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one with the dust on the old piano

Friday, July 04, 2008

It's good to have some much needed downtime. Tomorrow and Saturday will not be downtime, unfortunately. Fireworks Friday and some sort of concert that I got invited to on Saturday.


What to write here.

Basically, I decided what my album would be called if I ever got around to trying to make one..... "Looking Through the Keyhole". May be dorky, but I like it. Surprisingly, when I did a search for albums on Napster with that name, none exhisted. I was also thinking about "Seeing Through the Keyhole". If I ever did try to create a set of songs, I think I would like my first album to be all songs written in the key of C. I like other keys, but for beginner purposes (combining lyrics and piano), C is appropriate, fun, simple, and a key that can be used for alternative moods. Just my opinion. Songs flow to me naturally when I improv in C. Still, I don't think the second title would work because it's too complicated and doesn't connect with my original idea with the keyhole-thing. So, to explain the reasoning behind the 'keyhole'.. well. I don't really feel like getting into an explanation right now. It would be significant to me and that's all that matters.

It's been such a long time since I've gone to play on the piano. It was definitely a humbling experience today. I'm always a bit angry to find I've let the skill slip (at least with my sheet music). I used to be pretty darn good.. it still comes back to me, but still not nearly as good. So I usually end up defaulting to improv after a while. Improv is still there, surprisingly..and it actually seems to get better when I *haven't* been at the piano in a while. It's just a lot of raw emotion coming through music... getting it off my chest by playing it... it's great. I definitely could combine some lyrics to it if I was ever patient enough.. but ... *shrug*. Maybe I could produce a set of songs when I have a piano in my own house and not a lot of people around to listen to me work on it (definitely too shy to have any bystanders). I used to be confused about whether or not music or lyrics should come first, but I've realized (at least for my own purposes) that they come together at one time... it's too difficult to try and do them separately.

Welp. That's it. Someone go steal my amazing idea for an album name now.