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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Some of my friends think it would be great if I were on the "Real World" MTV show, because..apparently.. they think I have an interesting/crazy life that would be fun to watch....

well.. I wasn't sure I agreed with them, but you know, I do now.

My life is so crazy that sometimes I think this is how it is for everyone, but after taking a good look at 'everyone', I think mine might actually be a little bit more crazy. Don't get me wrong, everyone has their crazy things in life, but mine are just crazy in a different way.... 'crazy' as in veryyyy random.

Anyway. Real World is not going to happen. If anything, I would write a book... if only I knew where to start....

So tonight I went to a concert with a good friend, and we later ended up riding Harley-Davidsons with some guys that we met at the concert (long story). Despite my fear and initial hesitation to the idea of riding on these, I ended up going along with it because we had actually been getting to know the guys for a while and they weren't the 'biker'-type at all. They were around our age and actually seemed a bit emo/skaterish when we first met them, but they had been really respectful/nice all night long and I guess I trusted them.. because normally discretion wouldn't allow me to get on that bike. Surprisingly, I actually really liked the experience a lot. I definitely felt badass riding on the Harley. (hahaha.) Very random. Very fun. Absolutely surreal and I'm pretty sure I *still* think I'm going to wakeup from a weird dream. Goodnight.