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a little update on 'stuff white people like'

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Someone else's post actually reminded me that I need to do an update of my *own* in this journal.. regarding my 'stuff white people like' post.

Long story short (and rather than responding to the several emails I got after my previous post discussing that site) .. I have come to 'see the light' of the point behind that site. I think I was in a really anal mood when I wrote that post. While I am still cautious to subscribe to anything that perpetuates stereotypes, I do think the site is innocent enough to where I can now see the humor, irony, intelligence, etc. in the whole thing. This perspective comes after discussing the site with several friends... especially friends I hold in high regard. On a long trip I randomly asked everyone in the car if they had heard of the site. One of my friends had and she *loves* it... I challenged her on it.. and after hearing her out I can understand the idea behind the site better. I feel dull for not getting it right off, but I don't feel bad for challenging it either. It was kind of funny because it became a theme throughout the rest of our trip (pointing out typical things on our trip that 'white people' would like).

Updates on renewed thoughts/perspectives are not things I'm too good about doing in this journal out of sheer laziness. That's the problem with a journal--things (such as perspectives) can change so quickly and often (and I'd like to think especially for someone like myself who has an open mind and is willing to consider other points of view) that they're not always recorded in writing.. and so maybe when I look back on my writing it's not an accurate record of everything that was going on in my mind at the time. Oh well.. one of the challenges about writing in here that I accept.