Sullen v.5




Saturday, May 17, 2008

Poker tournament was moved to this Friday. It was kind of intimidating because, of course, I was the only girl there out of 15 people. One girl did arrive later and bought in, but she was quickly knocked out of the game. I came in 6th. I.E. lousy game for me. I think I will become a regular at these games... they're fun.

I enjoy being a girl (haha, thankfully), but guys are a lot of fun. I kind of enjoy being outnumbered because I almost get to see how guys act around *just the guys*... and it's always such a *different* experience/atmosphere than when just the girls are together. It's pretty entertaining. I think I come across as painfully shy at first, but if they get to know me they'll find a different person. (I think this is what kind of happened with my last group of good guy friends...and I'm not even sure *they* would have got to know me as well as they did if we didn't do a small program together for several months). I have several good guy friends, but sometimes I wonder how this has come to be with how closed off I am initially. And of course I don't even *need* to go into the topic of 'relationships' here..which I'd probably get an 'F' in for not being able to commit; *however*, I've noticed an improvement on my end with this.. I think. ;) Live and learn and I'll get there eventually. In hindsight, I still have no regrets.

And the guy who put an "energy boost" into my Cold Stone smoothie, claiming he was 'still hyper five hours later after taking one', is a liar. It practically put me to sleep an hour after finishing my smoothie! Thankfully there was a guy at the poker tournament who is a barista (the only person I managed to knock out of the game) and he was kind enough to make us fairly decent lattes out of crappy coffee. Yummy.

The end.