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maybe white people don't have
a sense of humor

Monday, May 12, 2008

because I sure didn't find this site funny or even a little bit intelligent.... probably because I'm white.

I don't know. I like to think I have a good sense of humor, and I'm trying my dam*dest to figure out what I don't like about the site....
1) Because it's true?
2) Because it's completely false?
3) Because it's so narrow-minded?
4) Because I live in a "melting pot" country (or rather, how I like to refer to it, a "salad bowl") where these things don't apply to just "white people" at all?
5) Because I can't figure out who the author is? (as if this would make it better/worse)
6) Because I have no sense of humor (stated above)?
7) Because if any other site was written like this for a different race it would likely be deemed racist?
8) Because I'm so over "white people", "black people", "asians", etc. and can't understand why stereotypes continue to be perpetuated instead of looking at everyone together/culturally?

Don't get me wrong.. there are funny things that I can relate to... like "oh yeah I like to wear New Balance shoes".. or "oh yeah I feel better about what I'm doing for the environment when I ride my bike" (as if I shouldn't)..... and I can have a laugh at those things, but then I remember it's targeted directly to "white people" and it really gets on my nerves. I like to think this would get on my nerves even if I wasn't "white", but I can't fairly say it would because, obviously, I'm white. To be honest though, it's just common sense that you wouldn't make a list like this about black, asian, whatever people and laugh about it without having some eyebrows being raised and most likely being called racist/stereotying... we can all laugh at ourselves.. but I'd rather we laugh at ourselves as a culture than point out "this is what applies to this-race". That's just me. I have no sense of humor around this. :)

Disclaimer: Haha. This isn't at all to insult other people's tastes in humor, because we all have different tastes about the quirky things that can make us laugh... which.. unless it's truly insulting (and I don't think that is the intention of the site above) we shouldn't be ashamed at finding funny. Some people like dirty humor.. some people like sexual humor... etc. .. and I can't criticize that just because it's not my style. I'm just pointing out one thing that is not my style (above)... and I personally think it could be funny if it were better targeted to people as a culture or something, but I think it's ignorant to stereotype a race in any way nowadays. So... the person who I stole this link from and went on a rant about *the link* ... it is in no way trying to attack him for enjoying that link. I appreciated the link because it seems to be popular and I like to express my opinion. ;)