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Thursday, April 17, 2008

if you're not ready to step up to the plate, get out of the balls-game


haha. I'm so lame. And I'm totally going to regret posting this (tonight having been one Advil + two glasses of wine--never a good mix).... but I think that's my new philosophy with guys. Something I've realized over time: guys have to be really direct with me or they'll never get anywhere. That's just how it is. I've noticed my preference over time, and unfortunately these extremely-upfront type tend to be the players, but there are some who just happen to be upfront and not-seemingly-'playerish' at the same time..and that's quite the reefreshing type of guy for me to meet. Not saying I want them to come on too strong, but it's just nice when they're not playing games either. If I'm not interested, they're putting themselves out there to be ok with that. If I *am* interested, they're putting themselves out there for something great. That's just my random thought on it all.