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music is worthless unless it can
make a complete stranger break down and cry

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Another thing I love? Discovering past-old-music-projects by new artists I have discovered and enjoy. Just when I think I know all that they have out there.. I fall upon a little gem (such as under a different name.. band..).

Recently discovered Imogen Heap this past year. Guess I was kinda late in getting on the Imogen-Heap bandwagon 'cause it seems she was well-discovered before I *too* realized the awesomeness that is her music...

And tonight, just looking into some new stuff... and I fall upon... Frou Frou?

Frou Frou. So I listen to one song and am instantly drawn to it because it sounds strikingly similar to Imogen Heap... and it's not new (2002 material). I start thinking about the odds that there is another artist in a genre (not even sure what type of 'genre' it would be) that sounds so similar...... finally I read the artist bio after listening through several songs and loving what I hear... and sure enough, it's Imogen Heap! Who would've known she had another name out there under "Frou Frou"? Not an Imogen-Heap-newbie like me, apparently.