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Monday, March 03, 2008

School is back on the mind.

Leaning toward an MBA (emphasis on International Business). Maybe I should go check out the Thunderbird campus sometime when I'm back down in Phx (next weekend). I still feel it's too premature for me to be thinking about grad school right now because I need to put in a good solid 3-4 more years of work (at least) to be considered to the top schools *and* figure out what program would be right for me. I do like the companies that are known to recruit from Thunderbird though (Accenture, Deloitte, Johnson & Johnson..). I'd stay loyal to my company if they decide to help me with the MBA....which they are actually known to do, but HR, on my first day or orientation, described approval for a full-degree program as "jumping through hoops of fire" (versus just taking classes here-and-there as needed). 'Someone' (influential in company matters) suggested at my first three month check-in how to get where I want to be in the company.. and *he* was actually the one who brought up higher education. "If that's the career you're working toward in your development plan then we will find/give you the resources and opportunities to get you there... if that means obtaining some sort of higher education then we work that in as part of your development plan." I didn't even mention that higher education is something I really want to do and would leave my job in 3-5 years to do. So it makes me hopeful that it won't be "jumping through hoops of fire" when I'm ready. I figure I just need to prove myself as indespensible to the company for a while before I try to go down that road. Then.. when I decide to make that move.. I tell them to help me out or hasta lavista and I'll go work for some other big competitor. ... or maybe I'm already in the position I want by that time and didn't need grad school afterall. Of course grad school would be nice to put on my credentials-belt, but I'm still not convinced it's a necessity. It would become a necessity if I decide to not stick with my company, but from what I can tell right now, I can see myself sticking with this company for a long time. I'm getting a lot of great feedback lately (along with my fair share of paranoia/stress/mistakes?). I was really anxious this past week... just getting past 6 months and I'm starting to feel a bit squirmish in my position... but that's just my nature (sometimes) and I'm working on pushing it aside. There was really nothing to justify it in the end (besides blaming it on a small piece of feedback I got that I didn't like... but it was a big misinterpretation in the end... and *everyone* came to my aid to clear it up in my mind... wow what a *complete* difference in comparison to the last company I worked for). Anyway, point being, I'm feeling more relaxed now, and I can see how my current position is going to lead to some good things in the future.

so. Just a small update on the job there I suppose. It's just been something that I've been dealing with (aside from a lot of other things) that was really bringing me down last week, but I'm so glad to be starting this new week off on the right foot again as I went directly to several people (high people on the no-hierarchy-thing) who cleared everything up and were actually really pleased to see how well I opened up the lines of communication. One person I highly respect told me that "it's a skill she still sees many _colleagues_, after 20 years of experience or more, unable to do"... and it was really comforting to know they appreciated I went directly to them with my concerns and actually cleared everything up.

Anywho..yeah.. Thunderbird.. would be nice just to check out their campus and understand better how their programs work and what they're looking for in new enrollments. Not to say an MBA is definitely what I want to pursue at this point (law has always sounded fun too), and there's several parts of the MBA that are actually intimidating to me, but business seems to be something I gravitate toward.. and would enjoy being able to (continue to, more in depth) focus on global marketing initiatives. And rather, more than just be involved, I'd rather actually travel to those global markets. I constantly see _my colleagues_ getting to do that.. but then again, several of my colleagues had my exact commitments prior to what they do now.. so.. we'll see. :)