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Monday, March 10, 2008

Deciding to post a disjointed letter that I first wrote to my mom and then later decided to forward it on to several extended members of my family who might appreciate it... albeit *very* disjointed, 'fanatical', and rushed writing on my part. I think I was definitely in a frenzied mood due to the study today revealing *pharmaceutical* products in our own freaking drinking water... and then another similar study out in the great lakes area being covered up by the CDC... but I'm confident the sh*t is all going to hit the ceiling soon enough. Really I've known these things for some time now, but because it's coming 'to light' a little bit today, publicly, guess it gets me a little riled up. ;)

Ironic too because as I was doing research on my laptop, and writing this letter, I was *also* watching the film Michael Clayton (which I *really* didn't know was going to be about a carcinogen cover-up!..all I knew is that it was nominated a lot at the Golden Globes).. so in an odd way it seems that this is an appropriate post for tonight...

"I just found the the best advice in an article by a renowned nutritionist, at the end they state:

'Again, my strong encouragement is to eat as many [organic] vegetables and fruits as possible. Nuts are great too. I always recommend eliminating or at least reducing all animal protein. But if you're going to eat it, please limit your red meat to grass-fed, hormone and antibiotic-free (all of which are becoming much more readily available now), your fish to wild, cold-water fish (such as Alaskan salmon), and your poultry to organic, free-range. Doing so will greatly reduce your risk of cancer, even the reoccurrence of cancer."

(Sidenote: There's a lot to know, but I thought that just summarized the important 'basics' very well)

That's why I try to stay away from meat, and especially red meat in markets.

I'm back to my old ways of researching based upon past articles Adr* had me looking up. Here are some good websites to look into where you can subscribe to free email health newsletters:

(Sidenote: Funny how everything serves to a purpose..even when I was working as a part-time PA for Adr* in California, who would give me free rent in a nice-a** area to help her do this research, I learned quite a lot about cancer--common threads/links between what *everyone* was saying...because everyone has their theories.. so I like to pick out the points that studies/doctors/experts seem to be in agreement about... and I did specific-grocery shopping for Adr*--grocery shopping that was all based upon her vast wealth of knowledge on the important foods to maintain great health--and because I did the shopping, now I *also* know what are the critical things to buy...what items I would buy every week.. what items every other week, what I would splurge on, etc. .... and oh how I miss Whole Foods and Trader Joes!).

And can you *believe* the study that just came out showing pharmaceutical carcinogens in **drinking water** across the country in large cities (Phx included)?? I read the article in The Arizona Republic .. you never know what environmental factor might be contributing to cancer (Sidenote: My mom and I were debating the topic of 'cancer' yesterday, as my family history would indicate that her and I are at a high risk.... but I like to think it's not all 'genetic' and a lot having to do with personal decisions and environmental factors).

... people's own drinking water! Phoenix, AZ was on the list of cities with this problem.
"Five-month Associated Press investigation has determined that trace amounts of many of the pharmaceuticals we take to stay healthy are seeping into drinking water supplies, and a growing body of research indicates that this could harm humans."

Later I saw a similar story on CNN (while at the athletic club) about the great lakes with a huge cover-up going on about the enormous pollution and its direct tie to cancer in the area. They're accusing the Bush administration / CDC of not acknowledging it and trying to cover it up.

I encourage you to pass on this information and the articles included! It's an outrage that we can't even have faith in our own drinking water anymore.. not to mention that this contamination will continue to happen and concealed for as long as possible so that no one has to pay to clean up the mess.