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Friday, February 15, 2008

wow... I am really psyched... haha. I get really ridiculously excited when I discover a new artist I just *know* I can fall in love with immediately (kind of how I discovered Sara Bareilles).

Well.. in my ongoing effort to always find new and great music that moves me.. like *really* moves me (because I would say there are a lot of good songs/musicians out there, but not so many who can *move* me :P) my brother and I made a deal tonight that each month we will share three new great artists with each other. Him and I have very similar music preferences, although I think I've influenced his music selection way more than he has mine..but maybe that can change 'cause I just don't have as much time anymore as I'd like to look into the latest breaking music out there.

Anyway.. I still like to be the big sister who can introduce him to some awesome music.. so in my effort to live up to my half of the deal I started fervently searching for some new music. I'm always actively searching, and it's always frustrating when I'm looking for something new and can only find a lot of good songs but not a single great artist where their music as a whole moves me.......

but then... just like that... I found this *great* artist who I couldn't believe I've never heard before: Deas Vail.

So excited! They have several components of music that I gravitate toward (similar sound to Mae's *old* good stuff... and Fair...Rocket Summer-- a couple of bands I've introduced to my brother that he now loves)... but Deas Vail still their own sound with good messages. Their music just has that style that can move me--the piano backdrop helps :P
Songs that immediately move me and know that I'm gonna love looking more into this band: "Life As A Breath", "Light As Air", "Standing", "Shadows and City Lights".... and I discovered these songs before looking into myspace (now linked above).. where I discover other great songs.

So this whole new deal that I've made with my brother is awesome 'cause I'm discovering these great bands (although usually I'm not this lucky to find an artist right off the bat like this). Anywho. Yeah. Maybe more recommendations to come in this journal as I go upon my search (and maybe some that he'll introduce to me). :) Haha.. this is really a great way to bond more with my brother too.. which I'm always looking for how to better do that due to the age difference (8 years apart) and due to that age difference we didn't really bond while growing up the same way my sister and I did (her and I having barely a 2 year age difference). But hey.. we're still "growing up" and now's as good a time as any to bond more with my brother. It's one of the great things I've loved about being back in my hometown recently. He'll be going off to college soon and after that it just might not be as easy to drop by the home (where the 'rents are) and say 'hi' to him and talk.

Yay Deas Vail!