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everyone jumping on the bandwagon

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Not gonna lie.. I haven't wanted to preach too much about who I want as a candidate on either side, but I'm just gonna say now that I'm not gonna be happy with an Obama nomination....... apparently everyone likes a lofty 30,000-foot platform (plan for change)... and to be honest, I have yet to understand all the hype around Obama... and this is after having actually *researched* the different candidates. We really know nothing about Obama, and I am a true believer that actions speak louder than words... and Obama is really good at words... and very little that points to real action. And I love how everyone talks about him being a "unifying" voice. Really??? Wow. The day he's in the Whitehouse and able to "unify" decisions in congress will be amazing.. because he's more extreme in his liberal perspectives, again from the little I can tell.

hm. well. whatever. I certainly wouldn't want to vote for McCain.. but I do like that he's a flip-flop and going to be on the Republican ticket..... I find it funny that the Republican party got away with accusing John Kerry as a "flip-flop" (which pretty much ruined his campaign to the whitehouse, near the end).... and McCain is the biggest "flip-flop" ever. I might vote for him just for that fact. :D Then again.. McCain is talking in the debates about "100 years or more in Iraq--whatever it takes"... ha. The democrat on the presidential ticket would be wise to make a dirty ad campaign running a clip of McCain saying that quote over and over. I think the last thing America wants right now is "100 years or more in Iraq". Sure we want to do things right over there before just picking up and leaving.. but 100 years or more???? You've got to be kidding me. Leadership would be a huge failure if that were to happen... not to mention the U.S. would probably cease to exist after complete-bankruptcy/selling-our-country-to-China (pretty much already the reality) occurs.

the end.

nice doomsday post eh? This could be the worst election yet.. lose-lose situation either way. Obama would certainly be in over his head (my perspective as of now)... and McCain is sounding like a continued-Bush-campaign (although he might just be putting on an act for the Republican party right now until he gets in the white house). so... yeah.. we'll see.... I actually wish Hillary would get the nomination... funny because that used to be the last thing I wanted (before I actually started researching things and thinking clearly :P).