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February 6

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Couldn't have had a better birthday today (yesterday, already?) thanks to everyone who made it *great*! My birthday always reminds me of the awesome people in my life, and I'm really just always so thankful to have such good friends and family. I took a day off work to go snowboarding with my sister and it was *fabulous* since it just snowed *tons* two days ago and it was all fresh powder on the runs... and to top it off the weather/day was beautiful. I've been to a lot of different ski resorts and I really think the one in my own backyard is one of the best as the snow is required to be natural (none of it is man-made) and the scenery going down the mountain (especially at the very top) is just spectacular. It was a great thing to do on my birthday as it just reinforced how happy I am to be here/alive.. haha... it sounds like pretty intense reflection there, but really, I try to not take it for granted.. and with the mountain air and beautiful scenery... you just can't help but feel *alive* and happy about it. :P My sister said a funny quote to my family later on in the day when we all met up: "Don't ever ski in front of (me).. always behind .. she will run your ass over." .. just funny 'cause I like to fly down the mountain, very risky considering I'm pretty good but can (and do) definitely mess up and hit the snow *hard*. My sister (according to her) described my falls as "a huge fluff of snow that goes up in the air where you can't see [me] at all in the process". It hurts... but like I told her... I don't mind taking the risk because of the rush/high I get by it all. Anywho. Yeah. It was a good time and I'm glad I took the day off. Later went to one of my *favorite*/fun/yummu restaurants with fam.. followed by mint chocolate chip ice cream cake (my favorite).. followed by a Suns game that almost went on into 3 rounds of overtime but we lost with an amazing shot that was made by the other team with one second to go. To top it off, a video store actually *called* me to let me know that I got a free rental today.. and so I definitely took them up on that opportunity to get Across The Universe which I really wanted to see in theatre but unfortunately never got around to it. And the birthday celebration isn't over yet.. still have a fun girls night out with a lot of my good friends in Phx on Saturday... and that'll definitely be a crazy good time according to what I have planned. :) sooo yeah.... although I'm gonna have a crazy high bill from all of the lovely text messages that I got from people today.. I'm still so thankful to have such thoughtful good friends. I wasn't sure how this year would be since it's kind of different from where I've been over the past 5-6 years (Cali), but I almost think it was better (although I still remember other great parties I had in Cali over the years).. really it was just a nice change since I haven't been around to celebrate with these particular people (fam and other friends) for a while now. Good times and a good way to start yet another year older!