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Sunday, January 27, 2008

I still want to work for Google (although I still have concerns), but I'm still really happy with where I'm at... for now. haha. I just know Google would be a great fit for me. A techie-nerdy atmosphere--I love talking/working with those type of people because I can relate to them--they are very interesting, smart, quirky, funny, and often brilliant... so maybe I'm not brilliant.. but I'd say I have my fair share of the other factors.. and those who are brilliant inspire me to be better. :P And they operate behind a very similar culture that I working in now (in fact, we are encouraged to use 10% of our time toward 'other' projects that interest us, and many innovate things have been developed out of this time--very similar to Google, but the idea was around long before them). Often I think about how interesting it is that Google is kind of a copy-cat culture to ours. I've read a few articles where people compare the cultures to be very similar for engineers and why it works for them. Anyway. Yeah. Google just has a lot more money.. meaning they can offer a lot more perks which are really attractive. Plus I see Google as the "young" innovative company.. which mine is fine.. but I'm also one of the youngest people in my division.. and I'd like to be around more people my age. Anyway... I've always wanted to work for Google (before they were ever listed as "number one" and several years before they were even well-known as a search engine!). It's just a shame that I graduated from college just around the same time that they were being named "one of the best places to work"... made things very competetive and having to jump through hoops of fire with the run-around. Maybe they'll be like Microsoft down the road (still a good company.. but some of the 'glory' has been taken away by other hot-shot companies like Google) sigh. I'm still very lucky that I found a culture similar to Google's though because I could not thrive anywhere else (any place with crazy hierarchies that stifle creativity).. and I really had no idea that this similar-company was right in my backyard and had been around decades before Google. The end.