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weak in the knees

Thursday, January 31, 2008

ahha. nice. I just came across a song I heard on the radio (which I don't listen to nearly as much as I used to) and I heard *this* song come on..and I kept thinking to myself when the song was on how I had to remember a few lines of the lyrics because I wanted to look into who sang it....

and then I arrived home and forgot to look into who sang the song.

So I was researching one of my recently-favorite-artist's-favorite-artists (um yeah) and came across "Serena Ryder".....

so I thought to look into some of her music and see what she's all about... and then I randomly fell upon that song I remembered thinking I had to remember but then forgot about (um yeah, again).... *weak in the knees*... nice. A pretty good song.. and a pretty good artist to lookout for in the future. Who does she remind me of .... I think I wanna say KT Tunstall?... so, yeah, not my favorite, but I'm sure her sound could appeal to a lot of people.