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"storm clouds" on the horizon

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

yeah I wasn't gonna write about this, but what the heck.... why not write a quick blurb.. even though I truly am apathetic about everything right now..... these so-called "storm clouds" on the horizon that President Bush forecasts with the economy.... really it's just infuriating to me... it was so obvious so long ago.... and even back to the election four years ago when we were *already* so clearly on the wrong path (I would have thought, aside from economic decisions, the Patriot Act would have been enough to infuriate people and wakeup to how it infringes on our civil liberties)! The american people had the opportunity to make a better and obvious decision to go with a different administration that didn't withhold information from us (a pattern that had already clearly developed under Bush's administration from the very get-go) ... so in some way I don't feel sorry for anyone who bought into a false president.. and even more that they bought into a false market and got into ridiculous debt when it was all a huge facade..... but.. this is just selfish talk on my part since I'm sitting nice without any debt and a good job right now and in the meantime buckling down for what's inevitably going to be a rocky ride coming up in the United States. And the White House is still "not predicting a recession"... of course they're not.... and of course someone is still getting rich with these ridiculous oil prices (oil prices which have an impact on every aspect of what's going on in our economy right now.. yes.. aside from the housing market fiasco).... and who has ownership in those companies?? Why don't those people in government do something about that?.. hmm... might as well get rich off the little remaining time they have in office. I just can't believe how selfish this administration has been. makes me sick. Yeah I'm mad as hell.... and apathetic. ha. right. anyway. I'm over it. Goodnight.