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so maybe I'm yellow

Monday, January 07, 2008

I thought this was kind of funny/odd, considering I just did a personality test (that I posted here) where I was "blue"... but suppoooosedly my "aura" is yellow.

Personally I thought it was a bunch of bullcrap when I was visiting with some good friends and we went on this group tour (looking for "ghosts" in San Antonio.. yeah it was pretty silly).. but the "ghosthunter" tourguide had these glasses that had been created through "special technology" that could "capture people's auras". Apparently only some people see auras, and only some people have auras. He pointed at me (and a couple of others), in a group of 40, who he thought would be the best bet to look at with the glasses to see if they have an "aura"..... some people in the group said they saw yellow around me.. and I would have even thought that was crap until my good friend *also* said he saw "a yellow halo" around me... and I told him to shutup and stop joking.. but he insisted he really was not joking.. and I guess since even random people said they saw that too I can kinda believe it?.. anyway.. the tourguide said yellow represents the ability to "teach, manage, and lead" ... but I was curious so I looked more into it on google.. and sure enough the meaning of these supposed-aura-colors are on target with what he said they represented (such as green = healing)... *except* yellow seems to represent different things according to

1) this site and 2) this site .... yeah they could totally be bogus.. but I think it's curious how accurate site 2 is with my personality(and maybe site 1?) Just the other day one of my good friends was pointing out how "childlike" I am.. and it's true to an extent when I'm at my best/most relaxed state. .. it's also curious how very close site 2 is to describing "Aquarius" characteristics.. which, again, I don't like to get into believing too much about the sun-sign stuff, but there's no denying that what they say about Aquarius is very much *me*.. even other people who don't believe in that stuff, if they read a description, agree that it's right on target. Prototypical aquarius = me, for better or worse.