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a wildfire born of frustration

Monday, December 24, 2007

oh don't you just love when the shit hits the ceiling at the worst times (really, where did that whole "shit hits the ceiling" phrase come from?.. I'd like to know).

anyway. yeah. Had a nice little visit to the ER last night. Never been to the ER.. so I was crying and frightened to say the least... it's a surreal experience being wheeled down the hallways laying on the bed they have you in (just like the movies) to go to Xrays. I was joking with my mom that I felt like I was in the movie E.T. when the boy starts ripping off all of those heart monitors on his chest (I didn't actually do that, but felt like doing that). Everytime I tried to joke, and my mom tried to joke back (she's a big jokester who always knows how to make me laugh) I had to stop because my chest was in so much pain when I laughed, breathed, etc. Really thought I was having a heart-attack. Long story short.. several Xrays and blood-drawings later they don't know what's up with me. Fortunately I had an appointment scheduled for the 24th with my primary-care physician, but unfortunately I couldn't make it until that day and went into the ER on the 23rd. ER was really no help besides sending me home on a heavy dose of pain medication. Primary-care physician was helpful when she drew on my back and suddenly I broke out into a rash in the exact locations she had drawn on...... which was interesting but still not good to see. Turns out I'm having "some sort of massive allergic reaction".. and it's pretty bad too considering I was still on several medicines at the time (which turns out I shouldn't have got at the ER because then the tests they needed to run today couldn't be done) and for the rash to appear despite those medicines... I guess that's not good. Lots of more tests ordered on me to come... and for now I'm not allowed to be on any medicine (until the 27th) so I'm praying some of the more severe symptoms don't come back. So................ yeah. I don't know what to think right now. I've always been a really healthy person, never had to deal with anything, so all of this strikes me as really strange. I could describe all my symptoms (aside from feeling like I'm having a heart attack), but it's just not worth it right now. So far it doesn't seem like it can be anything good, but we'll see what happens. I can use a lot of prayer right now... so anyone out there.. I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Happy holidays to everyone.. hope yours are going better than mine are.