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"Mike Huckabee? Really?"

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So a friend/fellow blogger and faithful reader of my blog here, apparently :P (which I do actually appreciate!) sent me this message the other day which I really liked because it leads right into something I've been wanting to follow-up on, but didn't really see the point at the same time because truthfully the *purpose* of this blog isn't to try to reach people (even though it's nice if I do), and if I suddenly change my mind on something, I don't necessarily document it in here simply because 'I know'.. and to write it down would just seem a bit redundant to me. So what I *do* write down is more of a 'in the moment' sort of thing, but things can change after the moment. Am I making sense? Probably not. But here I go.. starting with his note on my Mike Huckabee post:

"boy, if you were still in L.A., we could have some really serious discussions. I saw him on the you tube debates and he really scared me. i checked out his website too and wow... yes, he is true to himself and his faith so that's a plus if that's what you're looking for in a candidate.

i don't like any of the candidates this time around. al gore would have won hands down in this election but he chickened out. hey, i rather take huckabee than rudy g. any day. mitt romney looks good but being mormon isn't going to help him at all.

hillary is probably going to win the presidency...i'm calling it. hit me back up in a year.

i agree with about the republicans f%&king up this time around. the leadership is awful. being a R myself, it really burns. lates."

So let me backup first by saying.. I've completely changed my mind about this candidate as well.. not because of this nice response I received, but because immediately after posting what I did, I went to his website as well and researched his stance on issues more in depth. A lot of what I saw scared me as well. It sounds crazy to say I could change my opinion just after that, after writing my last post so-solid in who I thought was a good candidate. I guess what I saw on Hardball, a while back, really influenced me just because he gave good answers to what was asked of him, but apparently I didn't have *the big picture* about this candidate as well. I don't want to go pointing out specific things about this candidate that bother me because, again, I already know what they are and I don't feel the need to go spreading what that is right now. I think the bottom line to this issue is that I have a hard time picking ANY candidate because I am *extremely* middle of the road. I completely don't get our political system and don't like how each side has to buy into certain issues to even be considered a ticket-candidate. There never seems to be a "middle ground" where people seem to thing about what's *right* versus what's *right* according to their political affiliation. For instance, the consitution clearly states "separation of church and state" and yet Democrats have to fight that to an extreme sometimes.. drives me crazy.. yes there should be a separation of church and state on a government level for the country.. but why not allow some values to remain in schools for those who wish to exercise them? Why *ban* these if they're not being pushed on the student body, but rather a mere side-activity like praying around the pole at the beginning of school.. or allowing a bible to be read in the school.. of teaching the "creationist view" versus evolution?.. it seems silly to me that schools must be forced to shut off this viewpoint and not even offer it as something to be learned about and explored at the student's discretion. I didn't get asked about whether I was okay about being taught about evolution, and yet I was, and I could have found it offensive, but it gave me an opportunity to open my eyes and explore it so much more in depth... and yet I still go back to believing in the "creationist view" rather than the "big bang". Why can't students learn the creationist view, a perspective they may not have heard before, and go back to believing their perspective of the big bang (or whatever other thing they want). And the thing that drives me crazy about Republicans... their narrow view on science.. and being open to it. That's all I'll say about that because I'm getting tired of typing now and again I really don't wish to 'preach' anything here (too late I guess). So. Point being. ....

here is the true point of everything: I don't like *any* of the candidates either. If I had to pick a candidate for the Republican side I would hope Huckabee be on the ticket because I *don't* want the other Republican candidates on the ticket. If another Republican is voted in (which I'm kind of leaning toward hoping they're not), then I would hope for Huckabee just because I could bear the idea of him. If I had to pick a candidate for the Democrat side... I pretty much wouldn't.. I don't like either of the leading runners right now.. Hillary too jaded.. Obama too inexperienced.. among other things. I just don't know right now. And after that last election I'm feeling very apathetic because our country went ahead and re-elected someone who had already made so many wrong decisions.... and sometimes I think it just comes down to money, looks, and religion, and I'm so over it.