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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Seriously, I just love my job. It only seems to get better and better. Every day is different, and I'm given increasingly more complicated/challenging "commitments". I put that in quotations because really nothing is assigned with this company, but individuals are presented with opportunities that others think would be a good project for them, and the individual gets to decide if they will commit to the project. Everyone wants to commit to projects they are presented with because a) they are usually a good fit, b) they more you do the more you are recognized by your teammates c) the higher your teammates rank you at the end of the year, the higher the increase in your salary.

I love it. A system that absolutely works perfect for me. No bosses.. only "sponsors".. everyone working together to achieve common objectives.. given ownership/leadership on the projects committed to, and hence fair recognition when you do a great job. Of course this system can work against you if you're not up to par with everyone around you, but that's what makes it great because everyone is striving to be better and everyone around you is extremely competent. It's actually been very rewarding as I'm still fairly-new-to-the-full-time-job-thing and I feel like I've been given a job/opportunity that not many people get extended to them at my age (I wasn't sure until a week ago, but I am by far the youngest person in my division currently--and there are a lot of people in my division).

I'm glad I had to go through a hell-job to realize how GOOD I have things now. I was trying to explain this to my friend in terms of relationships too, because she was saying how many regrets she had... and I said while there can be temporary regrets/sadness in the short-run, which I can completely understand, I don't think she should be so sad/angry about it on a day-day basis because the long-run will be so much better... just to truly understand the different extremes puts things in such a better perspective. I personally am so thankful for *everything* and wouldn't take back anything. I've been really sad over certain things, felt the sadness deeply, and then moved forward with such joy and new vision. It's really refreshing actually. Something new I've learned (or somewhat new?.. but something I hope to keep in my bank of 'wisdom'.. even though it's kinda common sense I guess): *feel* the sadness/anger... really feel it... evaluate the past... understand *your* mistakes, be fair about this... really understand where you personally screwed up.... understand *their* mistakes (if someone else may have been involved in the sadness/anger)... what did they really screw up on?.. what are non-negotiables.. what are basic expectations... what will you not tolerate in the future?... move forward with a genuine effort in not repeating personal previous mistakes.. and move forward with a genuine interest in seeking minimum expectations.

so yeah. A bit of a ramble there, but really I feel like I've come so far..even since just graduating college.. and the beauty of it is that I'm just getting started. :) I'm making my own calls from here on out in life, defining my own path.. and I really just couldn't be more excited about it than I am right now at this point in my life. I'm seeing God work through so many areas in my life, teaching me so much about myself right now. I can understand now why people say it's a good idea/important to get married after you've taken some time to get to know yourself... really, you think you know, but you have no idea until you take some time all on your own in the real world and start trekking out a path.. otherwise you might end up accidentally following someone else's path without ever exploring what was really important to you.

Well I'm off for some wining and dining on Mill Ave with some coworkers.. and I love-love my hotel/room. I know in the future this won't seem like a big deal, but right now it is because it's just so new to me that a company is willing to put me up in the best places, with the best food, pay for all my travel, and I get to go to work in Tempe tomorrow and interview people who I have arranged to fly in from all over the country to come meet with the team I have put together to evaluate them. Not to mention, the "team" I put together consisted of several members in top "leadership" positions within my company, so it's a great honor to get just *one* of them to take time out of their extremely hectic/busy schedule and meet with me, and a *huge* honor when *four* have arranged to attend the meeting I have put together, *one* flying in from our east coast office, and two others from my direct team that I work with on a day-day basis. Basically that's *eight* people from my company all driving down to Tempe to meet with five different groups from all over the country coming to meet with us. Woo I'm so excited about it!! This project has been *huge* and it's all downhill from here. I've already received so many kudos for how everything has been flowing and that is really exciting because it means I'm demonstrating what I can do and will be offered greater commitments in the future (and this was a pretty huge commitment that could potentially change the face of our company in several ways).

I know it's vague, but unfortunately I can't talk specifics too much.

I'm just really excited about everything going on right now and having a great time. I love that I don't need to *live* in the big city to still enjoy all that it has to offer on a regular basis as well too (most of my friends being here). If I have to come down for business I get to hang with them too so it's win-win for me.. and I've decided after living in L.A. that I really can't survive in *that* big of a city.. the traffic just drives me crazy.

alright.. off I go.