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I <3 Huckabee

Friday, December 07, 2007

How much do I love that Mike Huckabee has suddenly got this huge recognition in the race for president on the Repulican side? A lot. I called it when Huckabee first announced he was running and I heard an interview with him on "Hardball". I was very impressed, and especially with how genuine he sounded.. especially voicing his opinion on controversial issues. I feared he would never get the proper recognition in his race to the White House due to the other big players such as Romney and Giuliani. I'm not a big fan of Obama or Clinton.. so it looks like my vote will be going with a Republican candidate this time around if Huckabee gets on the ticket (fingers crossed that they don't continue to f-things-up like their predecessor in office). Actually, I take that back, I will first vote for Huckabee if he makes it to the Republican ticket, but otherwise I will defer to a Democrat candidate because I sure as heck am not putting my vote with any other Republican candidate. Go Huckabee. You've got my vote all the way to the White House!