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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

so I'm watching some late-night Oprah show that's randomly on right now.. about careers..

think I'm kinda meant to see it because this one girl is in the exact field of work that I'm doing now... a field I *never* would have thought about doing, but it's working out great and really giving me some better ideas of what I might like to do in the *future* (movin' on up..) and I liked a question about negotiating salary... the woman giving advice stated her opinion that "women are in a perpetual state of gratefulness.." and so they don't often negotiate their salary. I think that's so true. I've actually been scorned by others (even family) for stating that if I get offered a job I may not take it depending on whether they negotiate or not.... they think I should just be *grateful* for even the offer and accept it because I'm unemployed (not really ever, because I freelance, but still.. technically..I was kinda unemployed for a little while) !... but the woman giving advice on the show put negotiating salary in a good light: “it’s about being smart and being confident in your abilities.” Dang straight it is! Haha. All I know is I am *so* happy I negotiated salary with my current employer, they gave me the amount I requested without much hassle.. and that makes me value my company that much more... as well as make me want to step up the plate and give my best.. and I wouldn't have asked for the raise in the offer if I wasn't completely confident that they would be happy with the abilities that came with the person. :P It's not about being haughty or arrogant... it's just that everyone should know their worth going into any job interview and what they would expect as fair. I really feel too many people settle for lower than they're worth (especially woman) when there's no harm in asking.. and *should* ask if you have legitimate reasons why it should be higher.. and my sister thought that I was absolutely crazy for asking what I did, but it didn't turn out to be crazy in the least. :) Anyyyway. Yeah. Just something random. Job interviews are so much like first dates too.. haha.. that's how I see it.. each person is measuring each other up in terms of similar values and how each other could possibly compliment one another.. it's a numbers game.. each person knows what they're worth and what they're looking for (hopefully) and won't settle until they find the right fit... well, that's how I think it should be done anyway. the end.