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Friday, September 07, 2007

Quick updates I suppose:

I looked over some past posts and realized that I kept calling my new place a 'condo'.. well it turns out it's a townhouse (way too small to be a condo). I have the master bedroom/bath.. I love it.. besides my roommates and I coming to the consensus that the place is haunted.. hahaha.. yeahhhh...

Speaking of roommates.. they're really awesome. I hesitated moving in for a little (even though I paid the first month's rent) because I was kinda scared or something.. lol.. just that they're like really good friends and I didn't know them at all. Anyway.. they've been pretty cool.. they texted me asking, "You do live here right?" and that kinda made me laugh because I knew they had to be wondering where I was. And then they also invited me to happy hour with them this Friday! Happy hour was so much fun and then we just all hung out together watching Friends and eating dippin' dots.. haha.. it was a nice relaxing, fun, night. I can tell we're all going to get along really well. We all want to make sure everyone is happy and are good at communicating. It's so nice to be living with cool people who are my age and like to go out and have fun! Tomorrow we're hittin' the downtown scene and I think we plan to go to this huge concert event in Phoenix late September (great because several bands that I love are going to be there!)

Today was my last day with the sales position. I feel pretty bad because I was only with the company for a month and I established some really fun relationship with my coworkers; however, I still feel good about what I was able to accomplish there in only a month. My manager told me that I literally "saved the company from bankruptcy" with the sales that I made in the month that I was there. I know he wasn't joking either because it's a startup company and the sales rep that was there before me (2 mo) pretty much couldn't sell anything. Anyway.. I'm a little worried for their business because I don't think he truly understands my background in sales and being known for my ability to drive huge results. I did kind of expect that I wouldn't be with the job long as my resume started to make the rounds and I started to get interviews with good companies, and finally, multiple job offers. My manager tried to offer some huge incentives to keep me, but in the end it just comes down to needing a position that can offer my the type of challenge/growth that I need, and he understood that the position (sales) would never be able to offer me what I'm looking for. I'm good at it, yes, but I'm not truly driven by it. Anyyyway... I'm glad to be leaving, despite being sad that I'm leaving a fun environment with really great people and a flexible schedule which made the job bearable.

I've never really been scared about starting a job, but I can honestly say I'm feeling pretty scared about my new job which starts this upcoming Monday. I think I'm scared because I still don't thoroughly understand what I'm going do be doing... and a lot is on the line. I'll be working for a great company that is giving me great pay and probably is expecting a lot.... I just don't want to !@#$ anything up. Humm.. so yeah.. I've just been trying to prepare mentally so that I can kick ass. I know I'm going to be a little star among shooting stars (um, weird analogy?).. but that's just how it's going to be.. leaders are expected to "emerge".. and I definitely know I'm not going to be the expert/super star when I begin....... which really... is good for me... because when I think about why I've left other jobs... they just got kinda boring or I felt like I wasn't being compensated enough based on me performance in comparison to other people (the beauty of sales.. that I do enjoy.. is that the person selling is directly rewarded for their ability).... so yeah.. I'm looking for a challenge.. I think this company knows that.. I think I'm feeling a bit in over my head..... we'll seeeeee...

guess I'll really know come-time Monday!

Overall.. things are good. Settling into my new place.. meeting several new friends.. several of my good friends are still around.. get to be around my family.. enjoying my city.. starting a new job (which will hopefully be challenging but great..) .... and so many other things. :)