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Saturday, September 01, 2007

so I haven't started my f/t job yet,but I think I'm already in love with it. hahaha. Over superficial reasons, perhaps, but really... I just love them. lol.
1) A salary that I can finally feel comfortable "starting" at with a f/t job.. and they didn't hesitate to meet me at the number I requested when they already presented a generous offer from the get-go.
2) People who were kind enough to treat me to breakfast before hiring me to make sure all questions were asked and to ensure that I was a good "fit" with the team.
3) A reputation that anyone would be happy to be a part of (I can now see why, before even starting the job, why they are consistently rated in the top 10 "best places to work in the US" in Fortune's magazine).
4) Amazing health benefits and other things like profit-sharing within the company.. and only individuals in the company have the privelege to purchase the highly valued stock... with a guarantee that I will be vested after 3 yrs.. not sure what that all means, but it can't be bad....
5) I thought for sure I was only going to get 5 vacation days from the get-go because of the standard that they make clear; however, because I have "experience", they immediately bumped that to 10 days and it shocked me when I saw it on my acceptance letter! I'm overjoyed with that because I thought 5 days was way too little and I was going to suck it up and not complain about it... but wow.. they're not cutting any corners. The best part about my vacation days is that since I'm local to home I won't have to spend my vacation time travelling home, but can use it to go to other exotic places and visit friends. :) 10 still isn't *that* much compared to some companies/people, but I'm happy with it.. and they allow you to "purchase" extra vacation time if needed.

Bonus: I got my condo all lined up today. Tomorrow I'm going to the location to oversee the carpet cleaners do their thing (the other roomies left to Phx for the weekend).. and I'll start moving in after that! I was mostly worried about the stability of the situation, but the tenant ended up writing something in the contract (that I didn't expect) which completely played into my ideal scenario(s) to keep the huge room/bathroom for at least the year (actually gave me three good options to choose from at the end of Dec). I'll pay a little more come-time Dec. to keep my room, but I have no problem with that, and it really isn't much more. I am so happy it will be *close* to work (no traffic), close to a church I would love to go to that my sister and her husband already go to, right in the city still, close to the main theatre.... I'm just excited about it. I haven't got to know my roomies too much yet but they seem nice: "just help youself to any food in the house!" .. we'll see.. too early to tell about the roomies, but I've always got along well with my roomies unless they were completely shut off from knowing me at the start.

And this upcoming weekend is going to be great! I'm taking Friday for resting since I have to be at my condo so early on Sat, but Saturday is going to be a ton of fun as my good friend Je* is back in town and we'll be hitting up the crazy downtown college-scene. Sunday, Jo* is also driving up to visit and she plans to get us into the fair for free!! Haha. Wow, the fair always brings me back to my childhood here. Always a crazy time there with my friends. I doubt I'll be doing rides, but it's still something fun to do with friends.. especially if Jo* can get us in free. ;) Then Jo* suggested like a girls night out where we'll go to dinner at this nice place I haven't been for a while.. then back downtown possibly.. still have to convince Je* sto stay for that. We'll see. Other things going on as well, but yeah.. I'm excited to see good friends, catch up, move in, and start my job soon! Not to mention I'm doing crazy-awesome with my current sales job that I've only been with for a month to make some side money.. haha.. it's awesome.. great base pay (recently increased by $1.50 -- the same amount of basepay that I was making as a *director*) + commission + constant bonuses.. gotta love that. My boss is kinda angry because I'm leaving after only a month, but he totally understands and is cool with it. He's much more of a friend to me than a boss anyday.. it's so funny.. I tell him he's kinda a bad "boss" because he encourages us to watch The Office (because he wants to) while on the clock at the job... it's so crazy! Hahaha. A good job to do for a month.. it's been entertaining.. and most importantly, my coworkers rock.

Alright that's all for now. so there's kinda life these days with still many ommissions. :P