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Lately I'm Alright

Monday, September 10, 2007

"You make me laugh, I'm glad you're our roommate, really." - A text one of my roomies just sent me.

Awww. I just have the best roommates ever. I really don't think I could have fallen upon much better roomies.. we just get each other.. enjoy the same things.. love trash talking to the tv (being dumb)... haha.. just so much fun.. and we crack each other up.

Good times. :)

I'm so happy right now.

Just started my job today and things seem pretty good... I didn't realize how lucky I was until I sat down in a room for orientation with about 14 other new hires.. none of whom are being hired for serious jobs.. and several of the the 2-4 others being hired as permanent have been serving in "temp roles" for 2+ more yrs. . . and they are much older than me. . . I was by far the youngest person in the room, and was slightly embarrassed to hear them talking about how they managed to get in by "temping".. then they asked me how long I had been temping... and I just interviewed (several interviews) and got a kick ass job. I'm pretty excited to be starting now. There's enormous responsibility, and so much confidentiality to be adhered to that I will rarely speak about what I do in here (or be extremely vague). Tomorrow I'm set to be onsight at my facility, meet my team, have lunch with some of the key contacts I'll be working with.. and yeah.. who knows.. a lot to look forward to.

I need some sa-leeeeppppp. It's been a long long long day of orientation.