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Thursday, August 30, 2007

So uh... I'm pretty much the luckiest girl in the world.. that or I'm just amazing at spotting good opportunities. I was *just* about to signup for this modest condo to rent -- a little out of my way but not a bad place and my roommate-to-be seemed pretty cool.

That was Wednesday..

I felt like I still didn't know my options very well (despite looking for a lot of different places) and wanted to look at maybe a couple more places, but the time was ticking because the girl wanted an answer ASAP...

So, feeling pressured to commit, I e-mailed three other places Wednesday evening with one primary top-choice. Fortunately I had an e-mail from my top choice waiting for me in the morning. I called and arranged to see the "condo" immediately (tonight). After seeing the room I knew that I wanted it *SO* much more than the other condo, but it was definitely much more than I was willing to pay (although still a good deal for how HUGE the room/bathroom is). Soooo.. back to the negotiating table I had to go... called up the tenant (doesn't live in the house.. I'd have two other roommates about my age)... and thank God I have a good amount of sales experience because I've found that it has made me *so* much better at negotiating and getting good deals. Anyway. I got the room for cheapo until Dec. .. which upon Dec. there may be some reevaluation and I might have to move to a different/smaller room (the price would still drop if I had to do this), but I'm only paying $75 extra for my own enormous bathroom and room... so *ideally* it would be nice if I could keep it at that rate. Anywayyy.. yeah.. I'm still nervous about everything because it seems a little unstable, but I'm gonna work on fixing that before I sign anything. The living room is furnished with really nice furniture.. kitchen all there... two-car-garage.. beautiful community.. yeah so.. I'm pretty excited about it. :) Oh, and it is *so* close to where I'll be working. yahoo!