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Thanks for the Lemonade

Monday, August 27, 2007

so I'm not all about the horoscope thing, but when I come upon one that just fits so perfectly for the time... well...

"Big change is afoot -- and that's just how you like it! Make sure you're the vanguard, though it's a near certainty that you've been leading the way for quite some time. The excitement builds and builds."

So true right now. I am just in awe of God's grace and how he has, once again, proven to never fail me. Things only seem to get better. Sure there are some trials to overcome every now and then, but I always look at them as a period that is leading to something beyond what I could have ever imagined possible.. in a positive way... and here I come... out of the darkness and standing confidently as I head straight toward the end of the tunnel toward the light. Things are really looking up right now. I have been looking, tentatively, for the right job position to accept f/t. There was no way I was going to step back into any f/t position until I felt it was a right fit.. and it's all coming through for me.. in a timeframe that seems like perfect timing. Not only is the place I'll be working for recognized Nationally as a great place to work (consistently in the top 5 of Fortune magazine's "best places to work in the US"), but they made me an amazing offer. On top of the amazing offer, I pushed for slightly more, and without even the slightest hesitation they went back to discuss it and offered me what I ultimately thought was more than fair. I am so excited! Wow! My mom was talking to my grandpa today and he started crying on the phone, lol, and he never cries... it was so sweet. I am going to work my ass off in this position, but nothing like I was doing in my last position (minimum 50 hours) for a lot less pay. My value as an employee literally just went up exponentially by accepting a position with this new company. My dad seemed a little irked as he stated, "Well, you officially make more than I do." Absolutely crazy! As a bonus I get to be close to family: My sister is having a baby. My brother is going to be playing varsity basketball for high school (among other sports). And reexploring my city, a college town, isn't bad when I've never been around to experience that aspect (literally left for California right after high school). I'm looking at places to live now and I'm super excited to be getting my own place (saw a condo today that I really liked)... and my only complaint is that many of my close friends aren't exactly in the same city as me, but I usually make friends easily, and my close friends are always coming up to visit and I can always go visit them, easily, without living in the big-city-hell-hole (literally soooo freaking hot where they live, but admittedly really nice in the winter).

So yeah. I'm just really feeling positive about everything. Excited to get my feet wet in this new position. It's going to be a tremendous amount of responsibility, and I've secretly told my family that I'm scared because I think I'm a bit underqualified... but this company *really* took the time to get to know me (huge long 6-people interviews, drilling me, and taking me out to breakfast to make sure all final questions were addressed), they've asked all they want to know, *I've* asked all that I want to know, and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't hire me unless they knew I could deliver results according to their expectations It's going to be a challenge, but that's what I need to be happy. Wow! It's really just a blessing. For the first time I feel like my degree is really working for me, and from here I feel like I can only move up. It is a bit funny that I'll be staying in my hometown--an idea I didn't expect to entertain--but when I really got down to the heart of it, I realized this is the best place for me to be right now, with the best opportunity, where I really haven't spent much time here as an "adult", have missed my family and certain friends, and I'm really looking forward to spending time with these things that haven't been in my life for a while now. Never would have I expected to get such a generous offer in my hometown--a city that is notorious for expecting people to work hard for little pay with a high cost of living.

Soo.. yeah. All I can do is thank God for being so good to me. I've been praying a lot about everything, and I really can see now how it's all coming together. I couldn't see it for a while and felt like I was waving around aimlessly in the dark just hoping to take ahold of something.

And not only has this job come through, but I've been bombarded with offers throughout the entire country. In fact I just got another offer today to travel the US--all expenses paid--for a certain position, but it's just not what I'm looking for right now. Another job I had applied for in SD, which I thought I didn't get, offered me a job as well. Just such good fortune. In the meantime I've been working freelance and p/t with this cool startup organization. It's sad to be leaving (already told my current "manager".. who is much more of a cool friend than anything to me.. :P silly guy who is practically my age).. just because they're so laid back, but my manager was really supportive and told me that "you have to do what's best for you, but if you find it's not working out, you'll still have a job here.. at least for the first few months after you leave.. we can't promise what will happen after that." Not only that, but the day I gave my 2-weeks, haha, he gave me a $1.50 raise ontop of an already good basepay. So crazy. He said he was planning on giving it to me anyway and didn't see why he shouldn't follow through with it just because I was leaving? Soo.. that's cool. :)

Awesome. So things are pretty great.