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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mae's new CD, Singularity, is depressingly disappointing. I hate wating so long, anticipating an artist's music that I've previously enjoyed as a favorite, only for the follow-up CD to be a huge letdown. They have significantly changed their sound to be more poppy/rocky and the lyrics are not as deep, even incoherent sometimes... so unfortunate. Now I'm just looking forward to Vanessa Carlton's new CD to be released (in October?) and I'm pretty excited about that one. Hopefully her current single is a taste of what's to be expected.

It must be tough being a musician.. trying to stay true to what made you famous in the first place and yet trying to maximize profits when your "time to shine" has come. Unfortunately it seems that most artists change things up significantly to cater to a different (teeny boppers?) audience. I just don't understand how Mae has put out such consistent quality songs, only for an entire CD to be released with completely different and yucky songs.. makes me feel like they didn't stay true to their original vision. Anywayyyy. That's my bummer of the day, considering their CD was released yesterday and I just previewed it all.

Other than that.. life is crazy busy/exhausting these days. Just got back from a four-day trip to visit with some friends.. and in the meantime employers have decided I'm their primary candidate and I'm about to entertain multiple offers come-time next week. By next week I expect to have made a decision.. we'll see. I'm really worried about my current part-time work and how I'm going to step away gracefully, but I don't think that's possible at this point.. considering the work I've been doing and how impressed my supervisor has been in just 2 weeks... I don't think he'll take kindly to the fact that I now plan to move on to a full-time position (which I will hopefully stay with for several years). But really, I don't think he can seriously blame me for not going with this other potential offer.... we'll see.