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Whatcha' Know 'bout Who You Know?

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Seriously I'm a networking-maniac right now. Er, something like that. Maybe not a "maniac", but using all I've got, for sure. (It's times like this that meeting random people plays a surprising advantage.) Lovely to have good strong relationships with friends too--even if they don't have an "in" with the specific area I'm looking at, they at least usually know of someone else who does. Even networking is still difficult to count on with some of the more competetive places I'm trying to get my foot in the door with, but it's still a little comforting to know that at least my resume will have a fighting chance of getting looked at by more than a computer-screening-service that automatically weeds me out. Suddenly I'm determined to work for one of *the* most (if not *the* most) competetive places to be hired right now.....I've always wanted to work here, even before I graduated, but shyed away once I realized how competetive it was. Ya know what.. oh well.. I'm trying anyway... and it's the one place I'm willing to take *any job* to get my foot in the door. We'll see.