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They Love Me, They Love Me Not

Monday, July 09, 2007

Applying to jobs is a full-time job.. + overtime.

I was expressing to someone close to me how frustrating it is to apply to jobs.
1) No money coming in (obviously)
2) No seemingly hurry on the other-end ("it'll happen when it happens" attitude)
3) Huge amounts of competition for one job.
4) Assuming a job offer is even made, after A LONG time of interviewing (assuming it's a good company and they have a thorough screening process), there isn't a bad chance that the job you accepted might actually turn out to be a bad fit (but that's just pessimistic me based upon my last experience). Granted, the last job I had came pretty easily to me... despite having to go through three intense interviews (group,phone, individual.. case scenarios + role playing.. gotta be comfortable with role playing Like-Right-Now, even if it is incredibly awkward--that's how I felt about it at the time), skills assessment. It just came easy because I let them know I was on a time crunch to have a job by the time I graduated. Fortunately my first two interviews went exceptionally well so they quickly followed up with me and the next thing I know.. job offer! Ha. I look back on that last job and think to myself, "freaking a.. that actually wasn't an easy job to get considering what you had to go through!.. why did you leave it??? ...OH YEAH.. because you absolutely HATED it."

Anyway. Just a quick little venting session here. I am burnt out on applying for jobs, but just gotta keep goin' at it with the hope that a good fit comes through.