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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Sara Bareilles

Be on the lookout for this new artist.. SHE - IS - AMAZING...In my own, humble, personal opinion.

Wow. I Love.. love love love.. finding an artist I immediately connect with!

If my dream ever came true of writing an album... I imagine it going something like this one (of course I'd still want my own unique sound).

Freaking amazing. Love her lyrics. Love her sound. Just fabulous. Has a sound similar to Fiona Apple, but it's still all her own.. and of course, I'm a big fan of Fiona Apple (hence the name of this blog).

Between The Lines

Love On The Rocks


More to come... I'm just listening to the album now.. but I already know I've found a new favorite top artist. For sure. This sound is totally up my alley... who I aspire to be.. Female pianist with an amazing ability of expressing herself through music.. envyyy. ;)