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Fire Danger: High

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Fireworks were interesting tonight. One minute, they're beginning (after a long wait).. next minute they've stopped... suggestions that they're "just reloading" for the next round...

and then someone next to us, standing on a roof, yells... "Fire!!!"

We all strain to see where this fire might be... and sure enough.. the blaze is growing bigger and bigger on the hillside in the pinetree forest.

I become hysteric around my family and demand that we "get the hell out of here before everyone becomes hysterical, tries to leave the town, and can't get out!" (In hindsight it's a bit funny because if there was *any* hysterical person that needed to be kept in order at that time it was me...)

Shortly after the intrigue over the fire dies off my family starts throwing everything into the car and piles in... trying to get out..

we get out no problem.. drive back to our city.. and just pray that they get the huge fire under control in the town across from us (30 minutes away).

They weren't going to have fireworks at all this year because the fire danger is so high right now.. but this town decided to go against the warning.. and sure enough... HUGE fire growing on the hillside.

I'm interested to see where it's at/how it was controlled later tomorrow. It really did not seem like this small town was adequately prepared with firemen. And anyway. Monsoon season is starting soon (any day now), and then the REAL "fun" starts... white lightening dropping everywhere.. and N. AZ didn't have any great snowfall this last winter so the trees and excess brush are ready-for-the-burnin'..

Undoubtedly there will be fires, as there always is.. I just hope nothing catastrophic for the city/surrounding areas.