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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Yay I'm excited for my new camera!! What's listed there is a pretty good deal, but I got a *great* deal. I was returning something at an electronic store, and I've been in the market for a new camera for a while now, but I haven't had the urgency to buy one until now. Since I'll be moving soon I'm making sure to get all of the things that I know I like/want which I won't be able to find when I move. This includes stocking up on foods and drinks that I *love* which won't go bad. Ha.. yeah that's a little extreme, but there are seriously some things I *know* I'm going to want once I move which won't be available.. so yeah... :) Anyway, back to my camera.. I'm *so* excited to start taking some pictures, especially with the DIGIC III Image Processor feature. My friend was showing me his camera features on this recent roadtrip (including the image processor), and I *had* to have it. So cool. It was crazy because I was just browsing the store, and of course I'm a little bit of a gadget nerd so I was asking tons of questions about the cameras (normally I would research something like this in-depth before going in to a store to seriously buy--good to know what's an appropriate price range and the specifications I'm looking for) anywho.. after a while of weighing my options, asking questions, actually having a lot of fun with the sales people because they were pretty goofy.. I *finally* made my pick! They pulled out discounts all over the place--matching it w/ a lower price on the internet.. giving a $15-automatic-discount.. and even offering to each pitch in $10 if I bought this one! ..Of course I *didn't* accept the $10-pitch-ins, but it was definitely persuasive in helping me decide which one to buy--if these guys were so eager for me to buy it because they knew I'd like it, there must be something pretty great about it... so yeah.. now I have a new camera and I can't wait to take some pics around where I live before I leave. I live in a really *beautiful* area and I've been meaning to capture some pics when I go running sometime. Maybe I'll put some of the pics up here if I can figure out how.. we'll see... :)