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Mission Accomplished!

Friday, June 08, 2007

so.... today is pretty big for me...

I just put a check in the mail that will officially pay off **all** of the money I owe on my student loans!!!

Really excited about this because the goal I made for myself, back when starting college in 2002... was to have paid off all of my student loan debt within a year of graduating. Considering that I graduated May 2006.... I'd say that I've done a pretty freakin good job of meeting my goal. June 2007 -- done!! Taking a chance on a $160,000(+) degree (how much I'd estimate it costs to go to my college for 4 yrs.) was not easy, and fortunately I had *a lot* of help with scholarships and other sources, but I still had a *significant* amount to pay back on my own (about $25,000?).... and to have put that behind me now... wow.... the future is exciting.

Now I finally feel free to pursue other things that I want: New Car... MBA.....

We'll see, but yeah, it's never fun living in debt.. especially when I'm going to need some time to pursue a new job now... so it's perfect timing. :)