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A Little Disheartening

Thursday, June 07, 2007

so I finally feel like I *really* have found my calling... something tells me, "this is good.." ... I look more into it... and my heart sinks:

"McKinsey & Company: Hands down, the most selectively elite firm in the field and possibly across any given industry. The lore is that they accept less than 1% of their 50,000 annual applicants. However, they pride themselves on their diversity, so if you have an advanced professional degree or if you've spent the past few years working in Nepal for a mountain climbing Web start-up, you may have an edge at landing an interview.

Contact McKinsey at"

Are you KIDDING ME?! .. This company.. I know nothing about... I *finally* make a decision after looking through numerous websites that this would be a good fit for me... do some more research.. and find out... "oh yes, by the way.. you've probably decided on one of THE MOST COMPETETIVE PLACES YOU CAN POSSIBLY GET INTO.. only 2nd to Google." F-ing great. This just pisses me off. Sure I could *really* give it my all, and see what happens, but I don't want to feel like I'm banging my head up against a door either...... I mean.. yes.. when there's a will, there's a way... and if there's anything I've proven to myself when growing up is that when I have a will, I get my way... but seriously... this is a little bit disheartening. I just thinking to myself, "you *would* pick this company.. of all companies.. you set your heart on the most absolutely challenging possibility (completely not on purpose, but apparently I have a knack at doing that.. with everything in my life.. so it seems)."

Anyway. Something tells me to try.. afterall.. I was really ready to go for it before I found out about the mountain that stood before me (50,000 annual applicants.. who surely have MUCH more experience than I)... why should that mountain stop me? hahaha.... sigh.

We'll see. This just pisses me off. Unemployed as of Tuesday... and content with staying that way as long as it takes to find "the right fit"... I finally find the right fit.. something I'm really ready to go for... and discover it's practically Harvard in "the real world". F.