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Friday, June 22, 2007

Well.. I think this is my current goal right now: Generalist Business Analyst.. it's a longgg-shot, but at least it's something to focus on..

we'll see.

It seems like a good opportunity that will certainly kick my butt in the first two years, but if I can secure this job and buckle-down for the ride, the payoff seems huge.

* Traveling opportunities (um, pretty much all of the time..)
* Better than average entry-level salary
* Expectation that after two years you will pursue MBA with the help of their funding (didn't know this beforehand)
* Initial training from a top B-school(Tuck)
* Meeting lots of people & group work environment -- huge network/friends

.. hummm.. we'll see. It seems pretty lofty and I'm not even sure where to start with applying (sure I could just fill out an app online, press 'send' and hope someone comes across it.. but there has to be a better and more direct method..)

And if not this particular company... something similar?...